Town of Waterloo
Seneca County, New York

Waterloo Town Court
Town Court: Tel.: 315-539-3213 or Fax: 315-539-5803
66 Virginia St.
Waterloo, NY 13165

Judge: Hon. Conrad A. Struzik e-mail:
Court Clerk - e-mail:
Robin LaBour
Please refer to the Court Docket page for Court Dates and Times

Waterloo Town Court is held in the Town Municipal building located at 66 Virginia Street.

General Court Policies and Procedures:
The Town of Waterloo Court can be contacted using any of the above methods. Neither the Judge, nor the Court Clerk are permitted to dispense legal advice or consultation.

Adjournments: The Waterloo Town Court will consider requests for adjournment that are received no less than 24-hours in advance of a scheduled court date. Unless exigent circumstances exist no adjournments will be granted with less than 24-hours advance notice. It is the requesting parties responsibility to confirm that the Court has granted an adjournment request. Failure to do so may result in a "failure to appear" and possible forfeiture of bail.

Court Mail Procedures:
Due to rising postage costs and in an effort to mitigate the impacts on taxpayers the Town of Waterloo Court asks the following:
  1. If you submit a plea by mail you must include a self addressed stamped envelope (SASE) so the court can in turn reply to your plea; and indicate the results therein.
  2. If you pay a fine via mail and you wish a receipt then you must include a SASE or the court will not mail you back a receipt.
Individuals can of course choose to pay in-person at the Court Clerk's office and receipts will be issued upon payment.

Payment Options:
In-Person: Cash, Money Orders, Credit Cards, or Debit Cards, however (NO PERSONAL CHECKS)
GovPayNet online or via phone 1-888-604-7888
Hon. Conrad A. Struzik
Town Justice
66 Virginia St.
Waterloo, NY 13148

Town Court Phone:
(315) 539-3213

Town Court Fax:
(315) 539-5803
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In-Person at Town Court (cash, money orders, credit cards, or debit cards)

Municipal Offices
Phone: 315-539-9331
Fax: 315-539-4119

66 Virginia Street
Waterloo, NY 13165

Town of Waterloo, NY
Seneca County